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How can I heal my dead hair?

I know there's no secret formula.. my hairs not that long but i dont wanna cut it.. i have and it just gets worse. I've dyed my hair a few times and i straighten it about everyday. Everything was cool till a few months ago when it started getting oily and dry at the same time (its freaking weird) ive tried many shampoos and im not sure what conditioners to use cuz i dont want my hair soft soft or silky smooth yo u know? it feels the same as it does right now..its really soft and like oily at the top and everything else is dry.. sorry idk if im helping you help me.. just if you have any tips just throw them my way please :/

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    Try using a product like Redken Extreme. It helps moisturize and repair damaged hair. You just put a little in towel dried hair after you wash it. Also, if you straighten your hair everyday, use a professional straightener (if your not already) they are a little expensive but worth the money as they cause less damage to the hair. What also helps me is that I don't blow dry my hair when it is wet unless I am really short for time. I just put it in a towel and wait until it is mostly dry before I use the hair dryer.

    Hope this helps as I have the same problem. These things helped me. I also use the CHI silk protein, I love it and it works SO good, but I know you don't want your hair too soft. Any moisturizing conditioner works well too. Try leaving the conditioner a few minutes longer before you rinse it out.

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    Your hair can't really be dead if it's growing.

    Don't use any more bleaches or dyes, and get a good hot oil treatment and use it. If anything will help, that will nourish your scalp.

    Conditioners can build up and cause you more problems. Have you thought about talking to a beautician?

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    Sebastian potion number 9! It's my secret weapon. Also wash just your roots with shampoo and only condition the ends. This will help balance the whole oily and dry at once thing.

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    so if ppl tell you to put olive oil in your hair, do not listen. olive oil actually strips the color in your hair. (unless you have natural hair color do not use)

    but the shampoo and conditioners i absolutely love are pantene pro v beautiful lengths, it heals damaged hair and makes my hair feel superrrr soft.

    hope this helps.

    good luck(:

    OH, and keep conditioner in for a long time after you shampoo, its worth it.

    :D and if you straighten your hair every day use a product that will prevent heat damage.

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    you need to stay away from heat products. Give your hair a break from it and find a good deep conditioner to replenish and help repair. Also look for good heat products i use chi silk infusion it helps big time when my hair was dry and damage hope this helps.

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    Well first of all hair is all ready dead. hair is dead skin cells. the only way i can think of it getting better is if you cut it. you need to keep using only one shampoo because if you use too many frequently your hair goes all wacky.

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    use tons of conditioner when you wash it. i like john freida or herbal essences. and then get some syrum for when you blow dry or straighten it so that doesn't cause damage

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    You can do a hot oil treatment. there everywere like at walmart, or were ever.

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    all hair is dead protein except the part under your scalp....

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