how do I take the seat out of a 2007 Hyundai Accent?

I had a friend that got really sick in the front seat of my 4 door 2007 Hyundai Accent and I need to pull out the seat to clean it and the carpet(it got everywhere) but I'm not sure if there is a special tool I need to do it. I also don't want to mess anything up.


Thanks for overstating the obvious Peopleareidiots... IF I just take the bolts out(of course, by clicking my heels together and saying come out come out) and pull it out it would likely mess up the sensors. How about someone who knows something about cares that isn't a Sarcastic *** chime in.

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    Remove the bolts and pull it out.

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    You shouldn't take the seat out of your Hyundai.

    All Hyundai's come with SRS side airbags that have programming through the passenger seat.

    If you remove the seat, there is a chance you can screw up your side impact airbag to the point where it will not work.

    It may also void your warranty if it causes a problem with the side-impact airbags.

    Your best bet would be to take your car to a professional for a complete interior detail. Just make sure you tell them what happened and they can work around the seat to clean it and charge you, accordingly.

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