how can i find out if i have police tickets?

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    1 decade ago
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    When you get a ticket, a cop pulls you over, gives you some grief, and hands you a slip of paper. Look in your glove compartment or on the floor of your car. If you see any of these pieces of paper, you have tickets.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, this seems to be a ticket issued by the Red Light Camera system or something where the Officer was not at the scene to issue you one ? And, you did not sign the ticket (obviously since you did not know it) ?

    Call your local courthouse, and ask about it.

    Or, you should receive a Courtesy Notice.

    If you get a ticket, and failed to pay, the courthouse may send you a letter after a few months. Depends...

    Besides that, I was able to beat seven (7) California tickets in the past 2 years. All by the method of Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD). You just need to call the court, and ask to contest your ticket by TBWD. You will need to download a form TR-205 and mail out the bail (ticket payment), and explain your reason in TR-205. With TBWD, you don't have to show up at the courthouse. Make sure you mail TR-205 about 2 weeks before your ticket due date.

    If you were found guilty, you still have one more chance to appeal which is called Trial de Novo (TDN).

    At TDN, you have to show up in court , and if the Officer did not show up, you win. If he show up, do this:

    1) Ask the Judge for his TBWD since he is to turn in his TBWD within one month.

    2) Use your reasonings from TBWD, and attack/corss examine the Officer.

    For more details and examples, visit the website below:

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    Previous poster- LOL!!! If you don't know whether or not you have tickets....mmm. seriously- go down to the police station and ask. Now- if you don't know whether you have outstanding warrants...... that may or may not be the best idea!

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