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What does it sound like when a mouse is dying?

My cats MAY Have killed a mouse in my laundry room this morning, or attacked one, and I want to know if that was it...


It was pretty loud it lasted for like a minute.. and one of my cats (diego) was extremely proud of himself when he came in my bedroom. He's never been so happy, he's actually purring for a change.

I just can't find the mouse.. (not that I really want to, but I have to if it's there...)

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    They will squeak. I'm assuming if they are attacked by a cat and not just CO2 gas they will squeak even more.

    Source(s): laboratory technologist
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    It should have started squealing out real loudly the way one does when it gets caught in a glue rat trap. All of mine die suddenly when the spring of the rat trap smushes them. See, what I'm trying to say is that mine are murdered and don't have time to make a sound. Now, one that gets a hold of poison will die quietly also. It would be too sick to make noise. Maybe the cat ate the rat! At least, that's how it is supposed to work anyhow!

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    they dont make a sound unless they are being tourched or hurt when dieing

    Source(s): i saw one die
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    Gerbils squeak when they die....

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  • squeak squeak!



    Source(s): poor mouse :(
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