a kiss on the neck and birthmarks?

in my dream i was standing and hugging this guy i seriously love, but he lives 14 hours away (we're sort of a long distance/open relationship), we were extremely happy to finally be together again so we were being very affectionate, hugging and kissing. as i was lightly kissing his neck, he asked me to kiss his birthmark under his left ear. it was an odd looking birthmark, it was in the shape of the number "52". i gave it a peck, and then i woke up. my dream was very long but for some reason, that moment and his number shaped birthmark was stronger in my memory. im convinced that its supposed to mean something

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Birthmarks = something special

    kissing = desire, affectionate behavior

    52 = random number

    Since this guy is 14 hours away from you, that the kissing on the neck and birthmarks may suggest that there is some sort of block or obstacle in relationship. Normally, when you kiss, you kiss in the lips or face, projecting kissing in the neck and the birthmark always suggests that you are having some obstacles you want to over come in life. This desire of yours about your crush may be hard to overcome.

    Basically, you are telling yourself you are seeking for his attention. Kissing neck and birthmarks may also symbolize attention you are seeking. You are looking for more notice from him and you vent it out in dream.

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    1 decade ago

    well, that number actully popped into my dream[[not lying!!!]] and itwas weird cuz eeryone had a number 52 somewhere on there body and it was freaky and then i shouted why does all these peopl have # 52's on them?!?!?! well after that dream a little while later and i kept seeing on my paper answers that were 52 and everything 52!!!! maybe that wont happen to you but i am just giving something that might...

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