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question about light bulbs?

hello ianab said that energy saver bulbs work well for low light plants

would one of these be best its the highest watt i could find


aquatic plants

Update 2:

its a 5 gallon aquarium

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    If it will fit in your piece, I would use the 45 watt bulb. I have a small hex that has one of these lights and the java fern and java moss are doing quite well.

  • Tink
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    The bulb I have looks almost exactly like that - but its a little different.

    I have used 11 watt and 13 watt compact fluorescent in my mini-bow tanks [the fixture is rated for 15 watts] and I've had pretty good luck with anything that would actually fit in one of those tanks except baby tears, hairgrass and rotala (and lets face it, height wise, its stuff like java fern, anubias, and cyrpts that work out well in those tanks anyhow.) Tall stuff like vals, etc just get too crytocornes (however you spell that) in a tank that size look like tall plants, and I use a long leafed variety in the back, and wendtii in the front - I have some very jungly tanks, ha ha. After about a year I added some leterite because the leaves were looking a little pale from lack of iron.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Edit: I just looked on the package of an extra one I have in my fish stuff drawer - its a 13 watt compact flourscent that is equivalent to a 60 watt regular bulb
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    Use this bulb only if you have a clear plastic or glass panel between the bulb and the water, especially if you have fish. Any light bulb is prone to 'explode' if it gets wet, and I'd hate to see your fish and/or plants die because that happened with your tank.

    I can't be sure about the 'wattage' of the lamp, though. Is the wattage that of the lamp, or is it the 'equivalent wattage' of a regular light bulb? Be sure before you buy.

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    Here's the difference, the more light plants get the more vigorous and faster they grow. In turn the less light plants have the slower they grow. Here's a good rule of thumb, low light aquariums have about 1 watt of light per gal. Medium light is about 2 watts/gal. and lots of light is 2.5 - 4 watts/gal.

    Plus, any lights that you get should be made for aquariums.


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    hello again. first of all, aquarium lights have to be in the correct spectrum for it to be beneficial for plants. i recommend a light bulb that says something like day light on the package. you could also check the specification. the spectrum for plants is 6000K-8000K. it doesn't matter how much watts you have because you can all the watts in the world, but if its in the wrong spectrum, it won't do anything.

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    Thats the right idea, but those lamps are huge (I have a couple in my workshop)

    One like this will be OK for a 5gal planted tank.

    See it has a 6400k 'colour temperature'. That means it puts out light thats more like a daylight spectrum, Better for plants, and a 25w flouro is plenty for a 5gal.


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    yes they work

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