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Where do you sit in the masjid? (ramadan)?

a.up in the front

b. in the back

c. to the sides

d. where you can rest your back

e. towards the exit

f. where theres a window

g. where there is fresh air

h. all of the above (wat the hell?)

i. i dont go to the masjid


j. in the middle

k. close to the Quran book case

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    I sit in the right side of the man in the center.of front row. Every one where I like to sit. Al Hamdu Lillah most brothers leave my favorite place empty out of courtesy even if I am little late for Frodau prayers.

  • goni
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    4 years ago

    Socks are wonderful, many times everybody wears that. Pants are allowed, merely no longer the tight ones. Shirts could be long (hip-length). you additionally could make wudu there. The mosques in my city have loos with a variety of urinal-finding element that has hoses, so which you would be able to truly make wudu. If there is an Imam reciting or preaching, there will be a crowd sitting with you and additionally you will merely replica what they say. sometimes they'll all murmur "ameen" or different issues based on what he says. no one would be conscious in case you do no longer. All you particularly decide to declare is Salaam whilst greeting human beings. sure, that's wonderful to deliver a pillow on your knee. wellbeing and wellbeing constantly comes first and that i don't have faith all and sundry will look at you unusually. I overlook with regard to the mat section. i do no longer think of so, they frequently have sparkling mats there. Hand protecting, kiss, or different PDAs are not ideal. in case you shake a individual's hand, constantly use your right hand, under no circumstances the left. the girls are separated from the boys because of the fact the girls sit down interior the back, the boys in front. the rest i'm able to think of of frequently relies upon on your mosque, case in point, you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with the girls beside you whilst praying (a minimum of interior the mosques in my section) yet probable relies upon.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    c-to the sides

    the womens section is packed out because our masjid is quite small tho! id like to sit at the back but always feel a bit unsociable if i do lol

    walikumsalaams x

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i sit in the front row of the sisters section because there is more reward in sitting in the front row than hiding in the back row, and usually right in the middle so i can see the imam (our sisters section is a loft style one, so we can see down over the masjid but they cant see us)

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    near the front but where i can lean my back as i am there for like 3hours as i do womans circle first

    BTW i go to mosque in uk where the woman have there own seperate section upstairs

    just so u no how i sit in the front lol

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    Back row the best place for women in a Masjid.

    For men it's the first row.

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    Near the front, near the side windows

  • Anonymous
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    Usually, if I am not mistaken, for a guy, you are suppose to sit near to the leader (Imam) and the women, will sit behind the men.... covered with curtains, so they men cant see them... if i am not mistaken, this is call (saf) for it means sitting together closely (not Gay or Lesbians) so they could listen together..... and the devil or satan wont disturb or seduce us......

  • I try to sit up front..but the places are always taken :(. It's okay maybe next time!

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    1 decade ago

    Ducky: On the windowsills (outside)

    Ninja: We have our section for the woman so wherever there is space.

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