Volkswagen...nothing but trouble?

My husband and I have a 2006 VW Jetta...and we have had nothing but trouble with it! I was just wondering if there were any other people out there who have had issues with this same make and model...or any VW for that matter. Of course our warranty is over now and everything goes wrong with it. But aren't VW's known for their reliability? Don't they say that they don't break down often, but when the do it's expensive? Within 3 years we have put about $5000 of work into this car, which by the way cost $30 000 to begin with. Some of it is normal wear and tear, like breaks. But a month ago we have to replace some fan that was causing the car to act as thought it was over heating. Now the alternator is going, and another sensor is malfunctioning. We have spent over $2000 in the last 3 months alone! Anyone else with issues like this? I just want to know that we aren't the only ones with VW issues!

P.S. I think this just bugs us even more because we also have a 99 intrigue and we haven't had nearly as much trouble with the olds as we have with the vw


My husband has let the dealerships we deal with know, but since he's int he military, we've been to 3 different ones in the last couple fo years. After this is fixed, he's writting VW with a list of everything that we have had trouble with and how much it costs. I'm sure nothing will come of it, but we just want to let them know.

We have thought about selling it and buying a new one, but as it stands right now, we owe more than we could sell it for. We talked about trading it in, but the only dealerships that will make it worth our while is we would end up with another VW...not gonna happen!

Update 2:

when i say new one, i mean new car in general not a new vw

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    I will NEVER own a VW again. Sure, they're nice and have a lot of upgrades in their basic models but it's no way worth the hassle. I got a 2004 Jetta back in 06, it was used and had about 15k miles on it. After minor things that should have been fixed BEFORE it was sold to me (like dome light buttons not working, no antennae, trunk clutch busted) were fixed a few days after I took it home, I had my electrical box just go out. I'm not even entirely sure what that means but it was still under warranty so they fixed it and I didn't ask too many questions. About 4k miles before my warranty expired, my transmission locked. I took it in to fix and they told me they fixed it but when I told my dad what happened he said that was a sure-tell sign that the transmission was going to go out!

    I traded in that SOB before it had the chance!

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    It sounds like you bought that car brand new, it may have qualified for the lemon law if you started having trouble within the first few months. My suggestion is to get rid of that car now! VWs are usually known to be pretty reliable, but once you start having trouble out of one, it's time for it to go. I have had a passat that had to have a new motor after only 80,000 miles ( timing chain broke), a jetta that somebody put the wrong transmission fluid in and almost had to put a whole new transmission in, and other various problems out of gaskets leaking (rear seals). I now have a 2001 Jetta and so far so good, but if ANYTHING starts acting weird, I'm selling it.

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    Back when I was a newly qualified teacher, around 14 years ago, I had a VW Polo Classic. It was 100% reliable, economical and never caused me any trouble. I used to drive regular 1000 mile round trips. The car was around 8-10 years old at the time.

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    I am really sorry You are having so many problems with your Volkswagen. My Husband bought my VW New Beetle in 2002. It has about 56,000 miles on it and runs like it is brand new. Other than the usual maintenance (knock on wood, LOL) it hasn't given us a bit of trouble. I hope You have brought all your problems to the attention of the VW dealer in your area. Ours would appreciate knowing about it even if the expiration date of the warranty had come and gone. And You also could go online and write to the VW Corporate address. I am sure they also would like to be aware of any problems with their manufacturing. Our local dealer has always been so helpful and eager to please I hate to think You have had such a bad experience without them knowing about it and having a chance to fix it or at least offering something. I wish You the Best of Luck in the Future with Your vehicles and again I am sorry.

    Source(s): My own VW
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    i love my VW

    I have a 2000 VW Jetta

    no major problem i wll always buy VW

    if not then an audi

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    That's why after 3 months of owning one traded for a Honda Civic.

  • 1 decade ago

    looks like you just happen to have a bad one.

    although, i get the impression - through reading around Y/A - that the VWs you get in the states are the crap that we wouldnt have in europe.

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    Trade it in to get a new car.

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