I'm all confused in this so called unknown relationship.Please, help me people?

I'm 22 and I love this guy named sandy so much. I just can't tell u in words. Both of us like each other a lot. But the problem is that he was in a relationship before for about 5 years. That gal got engaged to some other person in between. Reason: she thought sandy is immature to get married and not settled. After a year or so, he met me through common friends. He had a crush on me n same wid me. But we never spoke about it for an year. He once told me indirectly that he likes me and wants to date me. I wasnt intreseted then. So i never gave him a signal. In this mean time, sandy's X came back to him saying that she broke off her engagement with that guy because she felt she was doing something wrong. Sandy dint accept her because of the reason he liked me and also that his X had broken his heart. But he remained like a good friend to her. Now she is more than 25 years. She has all hopes only on him. He just feels that she will be left alone and no one will be ready to get married to her. He is just worried about her..At the same time, i love him so much. I really donno wat to do.. When i kind of liked him and told about this to him. He is not able to give an answer for me as well as his X. What should i do? Should I walk out of his life and make him n his X patch up. He is not considering her only because of me.. I'm all confused...

This is what he says to me

" I can die for you.....i am always there for you for the rest of your life....I wish I can tell you the magical words that are on the tip of my tounge,,,and the words that you have been longing to hear from me...but something stops me from doing so, if you can ever see through my heart, you will be the happiest person in the world!!! "

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    If a fish passes up on your bait once, then returns there is a reason. The problems is that the bait will never quite measure up unless another fish is interested. Keep your bait as close as possible so the other fish does not run off with it only for it to return all destroyed.

    Happy fishing.

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