What is the best way to disconnect the fitting on the end of the alumunim part of the heater hose.?

It runs up over the passenger side valve cover into the top of the block right below the throttle body, and the fitting on the end of the aluminum/steel piece of hose where it connects to that part of the block is very tight and very hard to get loose to remove it. It's on a 1987 S10 2.8L V6.


I need to get the steel pipe part out of the top of the block.

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    these are press in they are tuff to get out as they arnt designed to remove you wiggle them around and it will come out eventually

  • gary o
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    1 decade ago

    I assume you mean the hose from the pipe connection, as these can stick and you cannot twist or force as the heater pipe is made of soft metal and you will damage. Best way is to cut off the hose rather than risk damage.

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