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what is the best "FREE" firewall or online security(if not the same) to download, no trials please?

ok so i had a problem understanding new avg 8.0 free edition because i thought once i downloaded it, it all should be there....including internet security.

so far avg is doing a good job catching a total of 14 viruses all together.

1 trojan, "1 fake virus alert" ( which i am glad i didnt persue and trust when it alerted me and told me to purchase windows internet antivirus)

3 worms/agobots and the rest were adware generic and trapping them inside the vault.

i tried to get advice from some people on here but i still wasn't sure between 3 different answers.

the problem i have was that i checked out my avg vault and uptop inside my main avg 8.0 box it says i am not protected online and to please check the following components....underneath it said ATTENTION! "AVG free edition provides you with good basic protection upgrade to avg internet security for complete real time protection against internet now.

but if i do so will it charge me then and there. i want to keep it free because cant really afford to purchase anything.

some people say trust it and some say dont and it could be fake but mostly i think its real but my concern is, is it free?

i think the avg 8.0 edition is just fine the way it is but i also want that internet security thats free.

i really need a firewall for my computer so what is the best free fire wall you can download that no one has a problem with and actually does the best job.

and not just some trial, i mean for a good long time.

if i do find and download this firewall protection will it be recognised and if so would the avg stop sending alerts that im not protected online still....because it knows i have protection by then or does it trust only its own protection?

please feel free to put as much detail as possible, because some advice is confusing when bunched up.

my computer or should i say my boyfriends computer is a windows XP and i believe it is dated from 1999 but still in good update and seems like its just a year old.


ok i will most deffinatly choose "personalfirewall" as my choice of online pretection, thank you all, but i am still wondering about the avg now, some say remove it and some say avira and avast are good but which is better to block and remove viruses. and if i remove my avg will it release the viruses captured inside my avg vault or will it delete them?

i want a light weight program and more safer to prevent all the bad stuff?

once again "free".

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    You will have the choice to delete them when they are inside the vault.

    What is it?

    Malware – short for malicious software, it is used to cause damage to a single computer, server, or computer network. Computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, and other malicious and unwanted software are all types of malware that can infect your computer. But it is worth noting that very few malware instances are actual viruses (less than 20%).


    What to do about it?

    A virus protection software is the most common tool for prevention. These scanners have “real-time protection” enabled; which scans the program before it runs and if the program has malicious code than it is stopped before the chance of execution. Common sense is another big factor in determining whether or not malware gets into your computer. If an executable computer program is attached to your e-mail and you are unsure of the source, then it should be deleted immediately. Do not download any applications or executable files from unknown sources, and be careful when trading files with other users.


    What about some free protection?

    ***NOTE*** Let it be known that you must have only one virus protection / firewall working on your computer or serious conflicts will occur! You MUST un-install your current virus protection suite before continuing installing another. “But what if my old one is already expired?” It does not matter, divorce it anyway…



    I would go with Avira. It has the best ratings out of all the “free AV protection”, and even some of the paid for ones.

    Here is the link for that:


    Adware and Spyware…

    This program only offers on demand scan I would recommend it. (Use at least one AS/A)

    Here is the link for that:


    Stopping it before it comes…

    Here is the link for that:



    Link for that…



    I would use:

    Sysinternals RootkitRevealer, Panda Anti Rootkit and BlackLight



    You want to make sure that all you programs are constantly updated and patched to prevent attackers from entering through software weaknesses.

    Good Luck.



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    Online Armor Free Firewall:

    Installation Tutorial:

    Performs extremely well in leak tests and port scans.

    AVG also state that AVG V8 Free does NOT scan downloads for malicious content, which allows viruses to be downloaded, Avast Free4Home Edition blocks viruses instantly, so it does what a good antivirus program should do. When the vendor states that their program does NOT scan for malicious downloads, then why bother installing it in the first place? Everyone wants realtime protection and Avast gives you that protection.

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    1 decade ago By far the best of the free ones mine is XP also

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    try zone alarm it is free firewall.

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