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Which phone do you recommend, The Blackberry Pearl, The Samsung Gylde, or the LG Voyager?

I am in the market for a new phone. The Pearl is the cheapest, then the Voyager, then the Glyde. I don't like how big the Voyager is and i don't like the touch Screen Either. I really like the Glyde, but do not like the qwerty keyboard and how there in no directional buttons on the qwerty keyboard. I have never had a black berry, so i do not know how it will act, of i will like it. What do you recommend?


i am short on money as well. i can not spend more than 150 on it, so?

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    blackberry, you have to sign up for data package. and it is at least $29.99 per month. that means you have to pay monthly payment that you choose plus this data package for $29.99 per month (extra). if you are ok with you i recommend blackberry storm. but since it is so hot and sold out, pearl is ok.

    samsung gylde has touch screen problem. people like it alot until they actually get the product.

    lg voyager, as you can see it is very big. but it has everything you are thinking right now. but this is little bit old phone.

    december 8th, samsung omnia is comming out, and it has great review. i think it will top the lg dare.

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