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How unusual is this for a female dog?

How unusual is it for a female dog to have ten teats?

A stray female dog with six pups has wondered up to my home and that is what she has. The normal amount is eight. I have never seen ten before. Has anyone else? No this is not a joke , it is a serious inquiry.


The dog is in good health, I was just curious about the number.I have raised dogs for twenty years and as this is an unknown dog breed to me, I have never seen the ten teats before. It just looks unusual and wondered if anyone else had come across it.

Update 2:

Does anyone know what breeds this is particular to?

Update 3:

I am a professianl of my breed type and know my breed very well. This is a STRAY DOG. Please read information before being rude!

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    Hmm many of my female dogs have 10 nipples. So it is not at all unusual.

    Source(s): 20+ yr dog breeder
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    My dog has 10 nipples. When we adopted her the shelter told us she was spayed but she wasnt. 2 and a half months later she had 10 puppies so it worked out in her favor to have 10 nipples. I belive its actually very common to have 10 nipples (if you are a dog)

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    I have had two female dogs with 7 each..One was a golden retriever and one is a papillion. Makes no difference especially I think breeding dogs should be left to real professionals.

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    i don't think the number of teats that the dog has affects anything. as long as she is in perfectly good health and the puppies seem to be fine i wouldnt worry too much about this problem. but if you still feel unsure, call your nearest vet and talk to someone.

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    My dog has 9 and I asked the vet to make sure it was not a problem. He told me there isnt anything wrong with extra!

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    Her breed could be the type that has a lot of puppies.

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    i wish all females had ten nipples

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    no never but that doesnt mean its abnormal just unique

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