What are the opinions on Satan?

Has any religious person wondered why Satan existed?

why God doesn't work his magic and get rid of him?

Growing up in a church (and still growing – I’m 14 years old), I've heard so much about Satan and the troubles he causes in the world and him reigning in hell. And I've always questioned what his purpose was.

How did he get control of hell? Did he have the power to create it? Or did God create hell and let the "evil" Satan rule it.

The bible talks about Satan and so does church…. Why does God let him have so much power either on earth or in the afterlife? Why not get rid of him? Or Is Satan a God also, and can’t be destroyed?

I haven’t read the entire bible word by word yet, but is there a point in the book that states why Satan rules hell, and why God keeps him around?

And why, is hell a place of eternal suffering? If Satan does rule in hell and is against God, why would he cooperate with God in torturing souls for being against God?


Thank you in advance for any real, decent answers. All mockery, insults, and bullshit answers will be (disregarded)

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    For what reason or reasons should God have not created the devil even if he was going to fall? Just because God knows what will happen doesn't mean that the person (angel) isn't free to make choices. Satan freely chose to rebel against God. God knew this would happen. Nevertheless, let me offer some possible reasons why God would create Satan even though He knew he would fall and rebel.

    It was necessary to have the fall so that God could then have a reason to die for our sins thereby demonstrating that God can and does provide the greatest act of love which is to lay ones life down for his friend (John 15:13).

    The fall of Satan provides yet another method for God to be glorified in that God can use sin to prove that sin is "bad" and that God's word about righteousness is true.

    If God is to have creatures with free will, then the risk of rebellion is part of that freedom. Satan had that freedom and used it to rebel.

    If God had not created Satan and instead another angel fell, then we'd be asking why God made that angel knowing he would fall.

    God has reasons that we simply do not know about.

    I know my children will act badly at times, but knowing that does not mean mean that I shouldn’t have kids. Part of the risk of freedom is that rebellion will be a reality.

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    In the Old Testament, there is only one mention of A 'satan' in Job. He was God's 'prosecuting lawyer'/angel that tried to show God that humans are weak. In the creation story, a serpent (ie-talking snake) is the tempter and Lucifer was an actual Babylonian (or Sumerian-?) king that was very powerful (and prideful). Not until the New Testament is an after-life and an anti-God character named Satan mentioned. Hell is based off Hades but Hades was a place where everyone goes when they die....Hell was a Christian concept that certain people would be punished forever, even after they died.

    Edit 'I make peace and create evil. I, the Lord, do all these things' Oh, yes. 'Uncle...' is right. The New Testament says Hell is a lake of fire but doesn't go into detail about it being anything else.

    Source(s): skepticsannotatedbible.com 'The Jesus Mysteries' (very good book)
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    First, check out Isaiah 14.

    I think you ask some extremely valid questions - that I have often asked myself.

    Not sure if you have read this part of the Bible, but basically God created all of the angels - Lucifer (now Satan) was one of Heaven's most beautiful and powerful angels. His ego got too huge and he decided that he was/could be more powerful than God. He convinced 1/3 of the angels in Heaven to follow him and organized a rebellion against God. Of course he could not defeat God and the Lord cast Lucifer and his followers out of Heaven.

    As you probably know, Satan and his demons (fallen angels) have dominion over the earth as well as the first and second heavens (which would be our sky and space) while God reigns in the third heaven. One of my personal beliefs is that UFOs and aliens are actually demons - or something to do with them.

    I don't have the answer as to why God allows Satan to have as much power as he does. However, it is only temporary, along with everything else. God is a God of love and mercy and grace, and I would imagine that just as He gives us the opportunity to CHOOSE whether or not to follow Him, that perhaps the angels have that choice as well.

    Ecclesiastes 3 states that there is a time for everything and a purpose to everything under Heaven. We don't have all the answers right now, but one day I believe that everything will be made crystal clear for the followers of God.

    As far as hell being a place for eternal suffering, I do believe it exists but I also believe that no one is being FORCED to go there. God gave us all free will to choose. He does not want to see any of us perish - He loves us all very much...however, how can a perfect God allow imperfection into His presence? If we choose to reject Him, it is by our doing, not His. Anyone who goes to Hell basically chooses to go there for themselves. But again, remember that God will not reject anyone who seeks Him out.

    Psalm 9:10 says: "Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you".

    Also, read Acts 17:27 in which Paul writes: "His (meaning God's) purpose in all of this was that the nations should seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him - though He is not far from any one of us".

    Anyway, I hope this answer helps you at least a little. I'm obviously not an expert theologian, but if you have any questions maybe it would be good to talk to your pastor, who should be able to answer your questions based on biblical reference.

    I'm really glad that you are asking these types of questions - I don't know that most people your age think about these types of things in such detail.

    God bless you!!!! :)

    Source(s): Isaiah 14, Ecclesiastes 3, Psalm 9:10 and Acts 17:27.
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    Actually, the Bible doesn't talk about Satan as much as Christians like to pretend it does.

    The Serpent in the Garden of Eden is never referred to as Lucifer.

    Satan in the book of Job is rendered as a guy who goes up to visit Heaven every now and then and shoots the Bull with Yahweh, and then they place bets on what a human will do in a given situation.

    Many OT passages that are supposed to be about "Satan" are really just hyperbolic descriptions of the kings of nations surrounding ancient Israel.

    The Bible never actually says that Satan rules hell. The Bible (New Testamant) states that a lake of fire was prepared to punish Satan and his angels. According to the NT, Satan is currently on the loose, causing mischief here on planet earth. When Jesus comes back, he's gonna open a can of Whup-a** on the Devil and throw him and all the other bad people and fallen angels into Hell, and then the good people can go about their business of doing good without bad people or bad spirits hindering them.

    It's not until you get to the New Testament that this personification of evil we know as Satan or the Devil takes its full shape. Probably, the result of the Jews enduring years of oppression under the Babylonians and the Persians and the Greeks and the Romans. When ancient Israelites were a free people, they could believe that no one could rival their God. But after all that time with other countries' boots on their necks, they had to come up with a more powerful theological bad guy to explain all the bad stuff that happened to God's chosen people.

    My opinion.

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  • What you really need to do is get a concordance and look up Satan and it will lead you to all the verses in the Bible that mention him. Satan was created perfect. One day he decided his goal was going to to be to rule God. god created him so this was an impossibility. Since pride was found in him God cast him out of heaven. He was created with much beauty and talent and power so when he fell he still processed this power. he now rules earth (under God's watchful eye). God does plan on "getting rid of him", but for now he is using him for his own purposes. God created hell for him and unbelievers. hell for satan will be eternal. Hell for humans will be a second death, not an eternity burning in it.

    I commend your curiosity. Never lose that ok.

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    From what I understand...

    Satan wanted to be equal to God and questioned why God did what he did so God threw Satan, and all the angels, that supported him out.

    I think it was a warning to early followers of the religion not to question the faith or be thrown out of the community.

    These days It is used as more of a God's will is God's will and who are you to question it?

    But as a Pagan and an Atheist... the Devil always seemed like a fall guy to me. Someone who was created to take the blame for all the bad stuff so God didn't have to.

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    sure i've got faith dis individual could be redeemed. Noone is born wit a concept human beings could have an proposal of a few variety. No i dont think of satans means is larger than gods. i think in a mode u can say devil and god are scuffling with for technique of gods babies. No i dont have faith dat a chum is often used as a proxy of devil and that i dont get wat ur sayin interior the 2d component of question 4. I cant precisely answer question 5 because of the fact there are diverse ideals. yet whilst ur pal believes in devil u could comprehend his or her ideals.

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    well at first Satan was an Angel, God's most trusted Angel, he was like God's right hand man, he knew everything that God was going to do. From what I Know and what I have studied his name was Lucifer. He got into a fight with another angel and since God is all good and not evil he "kicked" him out of heaven. In a way since no human is fully good in a way it makes sense to have evil

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    As the story goes, Lucifer was gods favorite angel. He was called his right hand of God. When he thought God was not fair in letting him take care of some things and letting his creation to have the freedom and powers as HE himself had and(had an ego complex and rebelled like any teenager) God got mad and cast him out of "heaven". Lucifer (satan) was cast unto the earth to live out his existence as how he saw fit without God. Even God himself is said to still love Lucifer/Satan and misses him but until he lets go of his selfishness and will abide by God, he is forever stuck in his own personal plane of exitence. So to persuade Gods creations in seeing it "his way" he tempts Eve which in turn gets Adam and they are now empowered to think for themselves and now the difference from good and bad. Some people see Lucifer (satan) as the angel that came to the defense of humans and helped them become more than just toys of God. Some people, even some Christians, do not believe in the devil described as an Evil, scary, dark, and torturous figure that he was made out to be by the Church, they think of him as a cast out figure of heaven and use him as a reference to show that if you disobey God you too will be cast out and bound to roam the earth and universe lost forever from God and his love and protection. It is also said that Lucifer was the most beautiful angel of Gods angels so how could he be this monsterous figure (stolen by the early pagans of the Horned God, Cerrunos, a God of prosperity and protection) that many depict him as? It's just not possible. There is no mention of his form changing into something ugly or even incharge of a "Hell" of terrible torture and death. Not even in the Torah. There is very little mentioned of him in the Qu'ran.

    For myself, I don't believe in a "Devil" persay. Yes there is a negative essence that we all posess as well a negativity to the earth itself. It is how we choose to interpret life and how we decide to succumb to the apparent negative influences is up to us. We choose to kill or not. We choose to love or not.

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    *** rs p. 361 - p. 362 Satan the Devil ***

    Satan the Devil

    Definition: The spirit creature who is the chief adversary of Jehovah God and of all who worship the true God. The name Satan was given to him because of his becoming a resister of Jehovah. Satan is also known as the Devil, because he is the foremost slanderer of God. Satan is described as the original serpent, evidently because of his using a serpent in Eden to deceive Eve, and for this reason “serpent” came to signify “deceiver.” In the book of Revelation, the symbolism of a devouring dragon is also applied to Satan.

    How can we know whether such a spirit person really exists?

    The Bible is the chief source of evidence. There he is repeatedly referred to by name (Satan 52 times, Devil 33 times). Eyewitness testimony as to Satan’s existence is also recorded there. Who was the eyewitness? Jesus Christ, who lived in heaven before coming to earth, repeatedly spoke of that wicked one by name.—Luke 22:31; 10:18; Matt. 25:41.

    What the Bible says about Satan the Devil makes sense. The evil that mankind experiences is far out of proportion to the malice of the humans involved. The Bible’s explanation of Satan’s origin and his activities makes clear why, despite the desire of the majority to live in peace, mankind has been plagued with hatred, violence, and war for thousands of years and why this has reached such a level that it now threatens to destroy all mankind.

    If there really were no Devil, accepting what the Bible says about him would not bring lasting benefits to a person. In many instances, however, persons who formerly dabbled in the occult or who belonged to groups practicing spiritism report that they were at that time greatly distressed because of hearing “voices” from unseen sources, being “possessed” by superhuman beings, etc. Genuine relief was gained when they learned what the Bible says about Satan and his demons, applied the Bible’s counsel to shun spiritistic practices, and sought Jehovah’s help in prayer.—

    Believing that Satan exists does not mean accepting the idea that he has horns, a pointed tail, and a pitchfork and that he roasts people in a fiery hell. The Bible gives no such description of Satan. That is the product of the minds of medieval artists who were influenced by representations of the mythological Greek god Pan and by the Inferno written by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Instead of teaching a fiery hell, the Bible clearly says that “the dead . . . are conscious of nothing at all.”—Eccl. 9:5.

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