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TxtVox music? Cant get rid of it?

i'm not real sure how it happened, but somehow i subscribed to TxtVox music, wher they send you stupid texts everyday about music, and i cant stop my subscribtion. it says ' to stop subscribtion, text STOP to 56142"

but when i do, it wont send. apparently its not a valid number. help

i'm afraid i'm paying for this??

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    At the bottom of this page you'll find several options on how to terminate the service:

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    I have been using TxtVox for a while and love it. Their short code is 56142. That is valid. Just text STOP or QUIT to that short code to opt out. You can also go to their site at and log into your account to opt out. Or just send them an email, including your phone number, to

    Also, TxtVox is totally free. They don't charge anything. I like their music alerts, but I also like some of the other free alerts (sports scores, stock updates, etc.).

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