model rocket egniter question?

if the rocket box says the igniter should be like A and i used a B would it cause a fire or something bad because my science fair project involes useing different igniters then it is suppossed to be

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    1 decade ago
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    The engine letter means the amount of power given off by the engine. So a B is Twice as powerful as A and C is twice as powerful as B. Every rocked is designed to handle a certain stress load. So if a rocket is made to handle an A but you use a B engine... The rocket's structure will fail. The igniter dosen't matter much because the same principal is electricity ignites the engine. Be shure to beat leastt 15 feet away when you launch it and be in an openfieldd.Don'tt be mad if it dosen't fly off when you first hit the button. It takes one or two secondsds for the igniter to heat up. Good Luck!

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