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What are good places to go or things to do when you want to hang out with a guy friend?

so as you know, thanksgiving break is hear and i wanted to do somthing with my guy friend...the problem is, what kind of places do you go with guy friends or what things can a person do at home when they hang out with a guy friend. Please i need answers!!!!!!

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    you can go bowling, or to the movies, then starbucks afterwards. you can stay home, and both of u should try a new recipe. or u guys can watch on demand movies, in the dark in ur house. or u guys can go star gazing.

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    the beach because you can show off your curves in a bikini. the mall so he can help pick out things for you to wear. the park to show off your athletic side. the movies to show that you arent a girly girl and can watch gory movies lol! anywhere is good if you know what to do. a guy likes a girl who does a lot of things whether its playing the piano or just spelling really good. if you are at home then you can show off everything about you... in your room but try not to bring $3x into anything.

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