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Is there any female doctor or nurse expert in adult male circumcision?

I'm 33yrs old male circumcised two yrs back (i feel it more hygienic) and i have a problem following my circumcision. I went to a lot of male doctors without improvement. I searching for female doctor or nurse expert in this topic to advice me what i can do.

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    You find it more hygiene? Dude, didn't you wash then?

    I'm not circumcised and I wash everyday, so I'm just as clean as you.

    There are a lot of circumcision-fetishists on Yahoo, I'm sure they'll arrive soon to make you feel better.

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    You didnt state what your problem was. As for experts on adult circumcisions there are a few around.

    try this group for more info and support. Over 1000 members circumcised as adults.

    you can also try these sites. This should give you all the info that you need to know. I dont think that the sex of the doctor is going to make a difference on your problem.

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    I think you will be hard pressed to find a female doctor or nurse well versed in this problem. You do not state what your problem is, so how can anyone steer you in the right direction. It is more hygienic, but you just may be having trouble adjusting to your new state. Do you take any medications, they can affect sexual performance one way or another.

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    Circumcised By Female Doctor

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    I have been researching this topic for 4 years. You can ask me anything if you like.

    Email me off my profile if you want.


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    Just a general surgeon will do it.

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