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What equiptment is required for piercing and why?

I really want to have correct piercing equiptment and I would like to know what everything is for.

What are the tools used for in the piercing process,

Thanks for your time!


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    Gloves, needles for correct guage. Paper towels. Make sure you use a disinfectant on the area first! ;)

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    It depends what you are getting pierced really.

    When you get simple things like ear lobes, it's just needles and disinfectant really, maybe a numbing spray of some kind.

    When you get other things such as bellybutton, and other fiddly things, needles and disinfectant are used, but also a little clamp thing that look kitchen tongs but much thinner and still with the little hole in the end in order for the needle to pass through.

    Also in some piercings a little pipe is used (not sure what this is called) which is hollow in the middle and is put behind the area that is being pierced and just stops the needle from going into the other area of skin behind it

    What were you thinking of getting pierced ?

    Hope I helped =]

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    Don't use a gun.

    Needles= >

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