What you think? Should u forget where u coming from?

The United State is a melting pot of people from varying cultural backgrounds.What difficulties arise whren people try to substain their culture's traditions in the United States? Alternatively , do you believe that people should assimilate completely into American culture?

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    We must first define what American culture IS before we can have the "To assimilate or not to assimilate question."

    Remember, however the lessons of the past. There is no American race. We are from England, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, China, Korea, Japan, Australia...we are from everywhere.

    So what then, IS American culture? People will say Apple Pie an Baseball. Others will pessimistically say Imperialism and Exceptionalism.

    The true goal, however, is to reject the restrictive aspects of culture and embrace the positive aspects of what comes our way.

    So American culture is just that-a melting pot of other cultures, ranging from the ancient to the new.

    This goes back to the idea of restrictive aspects in other cultures. A culture like that seen in some Islamic countries, where women wear Burkhas and are forbidden to drive or even attend school would have major difficulties reconciling it's culture with one that touts freedom and liberty above tradition.

    So long as they do not infringe on the cultures of others in our nation and their traditions are in accord with our laws, then assimilation would be easy.

    But in reality, one must never forget where they come from. For both good and bad reasons. China has a history that stretches back thousands of years and in this time, saw some of the greatest leaps and bounds of human achievement. They also saw some of the worst massacres and oppressive governments from time to time as well.

    If you can learn from the mistakes of your past and continue with what has made your respective people endure, then you'll fit in just fine.

    Source(s): This ongoing drama we call humanity
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    Most modern day Americans are descended from men and women who got here to the US earlier than there have been immigration legislation. Earlier agencies of immigrants assimilated as rapidly as feasible when you consider that it was once viewed the correct factor to do. They placed down roots, paid taxes and made themselves American. They didn't sponge off the taxpayers even as sending each and every dime again to Italy, Poland, Ireland or China. Part of the cause the present wave of immigrants will take longer to assimilate is when you consider that alternatively of making an investment of their kids they are sending all their cash to expanded household again within the historic nation (and part of them dream of going again after they retire - which wasn't the case with previous immigrant agencies). Giving them a "course to citizenship" is unnecessary in view that the mammoth majority of them don't WANT to be American. They simply desire cash to take again to their house nations.

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    It's fine to keep your cultural traditions. Most people won't (or at least shouldn't) care.

    Just don't try to make anyone else treat you differently.

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