What is a good Mac notebook for gaming?

I know that question sounds like an oxymoron, but I am going to go off to college soon and they require us to get a mac labtop. I have a need to play pc games and I would like to get a mac that would either come the most update a mac can be or I can upgrade it myself. Any help would be great.

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    It depends on how serious your gaming is going to be, if you're talking about light gaming then the new MacBook with it's NVIDIA 9400M should be fine ($1599). If you're talking high end first person shooters or really high settings on MMORPG's then you'll have a better experience with the Pro ($2499) :


    But if you want to save a bit of money you can shop at the Apple education store where the pro is $2299 or the refurb store where you can save a lot on previous models.

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    I have a 3-year old MacBook Pro that I use for gaming, work, homework, and everything else. Some of the games don't work well in Parallels so if I must then I boot from windows using boot camp. Sometimes there is still a little bit of lag so I would check on whatever you choose the video memory is enough. I guess that would be the problem. I didn't optimize the machine for gaming when I first bought it.



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    I have a simple PowerBook G4, and it is amazing for gaming! I hardly ever lag, as long as I am not running a bunch of other applications. t does need to be plugged in, of course. The battery sucks, even though I just bought a new one a few days ago, so it does need to be plugged in when playing a high-end graphical game like COD4, or a complicated one, like Halo. You can definitely play them for a bit without the charger, but it always seems to fail just when you beat that impossible boss and haven't saved yet :) They're a lot cheaper than MacBook Pros too!

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    Macs normally have lower hardware specs. So if you want to game on a Mac laptop your going to have to buy a nice MacBook Pro which is around $3200 I think.

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    usually simply purchase essentially the most luxurious choices if you are gonna cross that direction. If you desired to be a lil smarter approximately it you could purchase a computer and without problems run osx as a secondary os

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