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I'm 26 years old and doing my masters now...I have a boyfriend of eight years...There is a new professor in our university. He teaches PhD students...I met him few times...He was later teaching us one subject. He always asks me questions in the class...My other friends kept telling me he likes me more....I think of him as my professor...The teacher is very strict in the class with all of us and he got himself the reputation of ruthless professor who is too strict & serious…..I later heard some girls really like him & he is very young around 32 years old and cute so girls mostly like that....The professor called me to his office and we discussed few things before the class but all related to studies. He asked me for my number & honestly most of the professors have it so i gave him my apartment number & not my mobile. The other day he called me & we talked around 15 minutes about school....he asked me if I had a boyfriend...I told him i was seeing someone for a while...he later told me before hanging up that he likes i was very surprised and bit nervous...The next week he called me again and invited me to dinner....We had dinner together and while we were having the dinner my brother saw us and I introduce the two of them. My brother is PHD student so he was very happy to see his professor with me and while we were all talking the professor said in between words that he is easy on my brother in the class because of me & I hoped my brother did not hear that....Later that night he told me he thinks I’m very beautiful and while I was coming towards my apartment he was talking to my brother & telling him look at her face she is very beautiful…My brother was like not really I look better than her since we were kids and we all laughed……..Before I left him he told me “I love you” and I was silent, I didn’t say a word and he was like don’t be surprise and don’t ask me for reason because I can’t give you any reason and love does not need a reason. I was still silent, so I told him thank you and left.....I speak with him before his lectures & yesterday he called me at night & told me he is ready to resign the university because it is unethical & that he wants to marry me. I was very shocked & told him that I will call you again. I didn't call him yet.....How can you deal with this situation? P.S. I like the teacher!

Today I went to school & saw him in class…after the class I told him I will speak to him later and I did call him. I told him that I like him but I have bf for long time and my bf is PhD student also so I told him his name and he told me he doesn’t know him. Anyways I told him that I love my bf and I like the teacher and I like speaking with him. He told me ok I understand & I still think of you as someone I love and I want to marry. Later when we resumed classes I heard the teacher gave his resignation letter ( my bf told me). I was so shocked, I left the university immediately and right now I am in my apartment and want to call him and ask him why did he do that. Can anyone please help me any opinions.

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    Not to worry. He was going to resign anyway. His resignation had nothing to do with you. So far as wanting to marry you, this is not the first time he has "so called" fallen in love with one of his students. Go on with your studies and your life. Take Care

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    it truly is not a question of having a sermon from the ethical intense floor, it truly is approximately having appreciate for the single you're supposedly with. If it truly is an open courting and you the two totally comprehend then it is distinctive yet once you date each and every physique of those adult adult males in the back of his lower back it truly is insulting and truly disrespectful. appreciate is the least you may supply human beings.

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    oh wow. i think you need to decide who do u want to be with, your bf or the teach if its your boyfriend then you need to let the teacher be. and if its the teacher tell your bf. whatever is meant to be it will be.

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    Don't try to change a guy. most of thme won't be changed unless they want to. you could have an influence, but if you don't like him now, find a guy who fits your criteria.

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    you shouldn't date your teachers they are meant to be your mentors and not your lovers. do not cheat on your bf, you never know what you have till you have lost it.

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    dont leave the one you love for the one you like beacause the one you like will leave you for the one they love!! <3

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