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I cant send text because my phone has no credit ?

Can someone please explain.


its an at&t and i have unlimited text

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    you probably have a phone thats not one of the major providers...when you bought this plan you chose the options and the text messaging plan as well you either went over you message limit or you didn't add it to you plan when you got the plan....or maybe you need to contact your provider and just ask its much faster that way

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    i ask your self this myself. i myself discovered the problematic way even as on a visit to l. a. that US telephone organizations ALL value for both incoming and outgoing kinfolk and international texts, mms, AND voice. purely because it is "established" does no longer make it good. The person who's sending records is identifying to purchase the privilege of making use of that community to deliver records. the different human being would no longer favor to receive that image or textual content or call, so why value them for it? marketplace established does no longer advise the perfect option, moral, or good. for instance, in some international places, it is "established" to execute all of us coping with even incredibly chance free drugs, which I hardly sense is honest or good. it is disgraceful profiteering and that i'm purely hoping that the yank public have the experience to rouse to the large injustice of their device.

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    Is it pre-paid? If so, you probably are out of minutes and need to go to a store and buy a new one.

    Source(s): i know ppl that have prepaid
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    it means your ghetto

    go to wal mart and buy another pre paid card.

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