did you have insurance when you had your child?

My husband and I want to have a baby but we don't have insurance with our jobs. We make slightly too much for medicaid (which I think is ridiculous) and don't know what we should do. Are there other options for financial assistance? What are the average costs of prenatal care up to birth?


No matter what we make, we can qualify for medicaid?

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    If you get pregnant, you automatically qualify for medicare, up until your 6 week post partum. Your baby will be covered also.

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    You need the insurance. Babies don't stop needing medical care after they are born. For that matter, if your money situation is so tight you can't afford health insurance, you might want to think long and hard about waiting a while to have a child. Babies are very expensive and the cost gets bigger with each year they grow.

    Why not call around and see what a basic plan would cost. They can't turn you away if you're pregnant and if there was any kind of emergency during your pregnancy, you could be in debt a very long time if you don't have the insurance.

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    At my hospital the standard prenatal care and vaginal delivery is $8,500.

    You will also receive a separate bill for any blood work they run and the ultra sound (My ultra sound was $500 and the bloodwork and other standard tests under $700)

    Now you will also be charged for hospital stay for you and your child.

    If there is any complications that cost extra.

    My first child cost $32,000. She was in the NICU for 5 days. My sister had a normal uncomplicated delivery in MN and it cost $16,000 for her to deliver. That was with an Epidural which is around $800.


    After the baby is born you have well baby checkups, the child will need to get vacinated...Around every 3 months until the age 1. Cost is around $150.00 each visit depending on what type of doctor you go to.


    There are three main groups of people who are eligible for Medicaid: children under 18 (under 21 in some programs), pregnant women of any age and those in families with small children. So, if you are a 35-year-old male with no children, you likely will not qualify for this program.

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    Yes, I have insurance and there's no way I'd have chosen to have a child without. Kids are expensive enough without going broke just to get them here.

    Your first hurdle if you lack insurance would be finding a doctor who would even see you for prenatal care. Many docs refuse to deal with the uninsured.

    From what I’ve seen of my bills, my office visits are about $300/each as are ultrasounds. If I make it to 40 weeks & have 2 ultrasounds, that works out to 14 appointments at a total of $4,200. That doesn't include lab work. Probably need to slap a couple grand more on for that.

    And you can bet on several thousand for delivery. Hospitals aren’t cheap. There are at least some discounts at the hospital if you’ll be paying out of pocket, but not usually at a doctor’s office.

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  • Paying for the delivery is only your first concern. After the baby is birn there are immunizations etc. Having a child with no isurance is not something I recommend. Also do yourself and a future child a favor, stopping work so you can receive medicaid is not the best option. Make sure everything is in place so that you can ensure a bright future for your child, not just barely get by.

    No you do not automatically qualify for Medicaid once you get pregnant. I am a biller for a medical group and income levels still apply.

    Source(s): Raising 3 and it is not inexpensive
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    Well I just found out Im pregnant and it wasnt planned, so I have no option but to figure something out. We dont have insurance either. My friend told me to go to new life, which is kind of like a free clinic with gynochologist. After going there they give you a medical card and wick. I would try looking for a place like this in your area. When they ask youhow much you and your husband make I would just "fib" a little on how much you make. You should get help some way or another, they wont just make you have your baby at home. haha! GL!! If you want a baby you should have a baby!!

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    Expensive!! Most hospitals will set up payment plans but it is still very expensive even if you have a healthy baby. There are also sites on the web for 'maternity' discounts which you pay for like insurance and get so much off your bill, but that varies by state.

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    I would try to find another job with insurance, b/c without it, having even a normal pregnancy & delivery can be very expensive, not to mention if something goes wrong. You would be expected to make a payment at each prenatal visit & then the hospital will send you a bill for their fees.

    OB/GYN RN & mom

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    The hospital bill will be about 10,000 and then my doctor costs 6,000-7,000 to deliver.

    I have insurance though.. you can always make a payment plan.

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    Avg cost for a hospital birth is $10,000.00

    Avg cost for midwife $3,000.00

    They also usually have payment plans. You'll have to go natural, but that's better anyway if you ask me.

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