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what is the strangest thing you ate?

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    Durian or "stinky fruit".Not so bad once you get past the smell. It is a fruit of South East Asia. The spell checker didn't recognize it, but it is really plentiful this time of year in Malaysia. It is about the size of a medium melon, green, with spikey skin. Inside, it has sections, sort of like a citrus fruit, except not as symmetrical and the fruit in the sections looks like puss bags. Each one has a large seed in the middle. Some say it has a chemical smell, others say it smells like rotten chicken. People who persist in eating it often develop a taste for it. It is even a favorite fruit of many.

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    The strangest thing I've ever eaten wasn't a food, but it was a drink. It's a middle eastern drink that is a salty yogurt.

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    Beef Stomach.

    When my parents fixed it up, it looked like seafood, and I thought it was. It was white and spongy. It's really good, but kind of sickening.

    I finally found out what it was when I decided to watch them prepare it. I looked on the label and it said in clear, black print : Beef Stomach.


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    Escargot. I was at a restaurant in Montreal on time and had to try it. It tasted like rubbery, garlicy beef gristle. Bleh.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know about strange, but I've eaten many unconviental foods.



    Raw Squid

    Cow Testicles

    and once a boiled sheep eye.

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    Ice cold hotcakes smothered in vinegar

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    Crickets and Hummus. Yuck.

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    Pickled Pigs feet....yummy!

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    vegemite... it's strange in canada but supposedly everyone loves it in australia lol

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    cheddar and bacon flavored crickets

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