im writing a speech on how not all sex offenders should be named and shamed. & that a man who raped a 12 year old girl should be labeled the same as someone who committed statuory rape.

I need a good hook to start off my speech. something catchy that grabs the audience's attention..

HELP plz

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    As the fiance of someone incarcerated and likely to be on the sex offender list upon release (non violent crime btw), I was relieved to see that your speech topic wasn't a bash on all sex offenders.

    I'm not sure what would be a good way to start it...maybe describe someone who committed a pretty harsh sex crime and someone who committed a really minor sex crime, and talk about how upon release they are treated about the same.

    You could talk about the abuse many families receive having their addresses published on the internet.

    Maybe open with a good statistic that goes against what most people perceive about sex offenders.

    Here is a good resource of facts and myths about sex offenders...maybe you could use one of the common myths to start with and build your speech from there.

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    I think you should start by researching the definition of "sex offender" and "statutory rape". You seem really confused when you say:

    "man who raped a 12 year old girl should be labeled the same as someone who committed statutory rape."

    Statutory rape is consensual sex by someone over 18 with someone under 18. A man who raped a 12 year old girl implies nonconsenual forced sex. Do you really think that one who would force the issue through violence or threats deserves the same respect as those who do it consensually?

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    you recognize the element is to guard the toddlers, so itemizing names of sexual offenders isn't incorrect. reckoning on the record to guard you youngsters is faulty. by way of fact that ninety seven% of all intercourse crimes are commited by ability of a regularly occurring time criminal they do no longer look to be on any record. yet we additionally don't have record of each and every of the murderers, drug sellers, and persons who're a threat to our childrens. How approximately making all persons that have ever been in a vehicle twist of destiny tension a pink Yugo with flashing lights furnishings. simpler yet in case you ever get caught dashing interior a mile of a school bus stop or college you are able to in no way tension returned.

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    Persianprincess?? The Koran encourages pedophilia through underage, forced marriages.

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    try this

    How would you feel if your mom or younger sister was raped by a man you know?

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