is my 3mo. teething.. help?

ok my son turned 3 months on nov 23. and i noticed his gums are turning white.. and when i give him his bottle he does not drink it he put the bottle to the side or front of his mouth and he chews on the bottle. sometimes he starts crying out of know where and it sounds like he is in pain.. can he be teething what can i do to comfort him if he is tething

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    There are some over the counter brands of gel (Oral Gel for one) that can help. What I found to be the best (I have two children) was frozen pop treats. Let your son 'chew' on those, nine times out of ten they melt before they break, and if they do break, the juice does not harm them. Be fore warned, put a bib on him.

    I tried teething biscuits and all they did was made a mess.

    Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    They have teething tablets that sooth them and help them sleep (really small white tables I forgot what they are called-a pharmacist would know which ones). Baby Orajel, it totally numbs the gums. Also, they have teething rings with fluid inside that you can freeze and give them which soothes them as well. Another sign of teething is drooling more than usual. And sometimes a fever. For now you can put something cool on his gums (something that he cant swallow), maybe put Ice on your finger, let it get cold and rub his gums with your finger after.

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    1 decade ago

    baby orajel for mine. They have teething disolvable tablets too. Check the age.

    You can use teething rings, put in fridge to cool and let him chew on that or a wash rag. They like knawing on those too.

    You can also use infant drops that are for pain and tempartures. That helps a lot.

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