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what were the abilities of the upright man?

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    Wore clothes/furs

    Controlled fire

    Used tools & transported them.

    Spoke language/Necessary for coordinated hunting of fresh meat sources.

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    Upright man has the ability to see better, over long grass for example. Upright man has the ability to carry things while still being mobile. Upright man is the only animal that is able to harm others from a distance. Some anthropologists also claim that being upright reduces the surface area exposed to the sun, making us more resilient to heat - I'm not sure I agree with this one.

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    The only Upright man I know of was the leader of the thieves guild in Raymond E Feist books.

    Unless you mean Homo erectus in which case probably biface stone axeheads.

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    He can write his name in the snow. And dust the top of the refrigerator.

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