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Just want a few more opinions from people!!!!?

Ok I havent had my period in 3 months, ok first thought Im pregnant. So I take a test. Negative. I tell the guy I been having sex with he makes me test again a few weeks later. Negative. Ok weird right. Well now to add onto my confusion Ive been really tired, I been getting heartburn which I never get, headaches. Again something I never get, and now I been getting nose bleeds. Not sure what that has to do with anything but I been getting a nose bleed maybe once a day.

Sorry this is long but like I dont know what could possibly be happening. And the guy is making me take another Pregnancy test which I told him probably a waste of money cuz I really dont think Im pregnant. I have a gyno appt. in a few weeks but Im just wondering what you all think! Thanks!

OH! And...My appt is on the 17th. I mean Im perfectly content with waiting cuz honestly Im scared to find out the truth. I know if Im pregnant the guy will be there but he wont be with me and ok like hes my ex, we just been messing around still we are still really good friends, but he thinks this is gonna ruin his life if Im pregnant and I told him he shoulda thought about that before he stuck it in right lol


yeah see im not trying to think or stress bout it cuz like i said I DONT THINK I AM. but hes freaking out. I honestly could careless. We were stupid about it, not gonna lie and deny responsibility. but I dont think I am nor am I tricking my body into it. HELLO! READ

Update 2:

now all u guys saying im prolly not which i agree with, but the first time i asked everyone said I am prolly prego. hahha....oh yeah and btw smartass i know how babies are made i said we were dumb. ok knew the consequences of this im not worried.

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    First of all, soliciting opinions here isn't going to affect the outcome one way or another. It's pointless. If you are throwing a negative on HPTs, you are most likely not pregnant and the "symptoms" are largely in your mind.

    Second, dump the loser boyfriend/sperm donor/"really good friend." If he thinks "this is gonna ruin his life," he needs to move on and keep it in his pants in the meantime. You deserve better. It's not amusing or cute in any way.

    Bringing a child into the world is serious business. If you do not understand where babies come from and how it is you can avoid getting pregnant, speak to your doctor at length until you are clear as to how to protect yourself.

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    I would call your doctor right away. The symptoms you are having could be something serious and should not be taken lightly. Also, stress can cause a lot of menstrual problems.

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    there are other reasons for missing a period than pregnancy

    calm down!

    there are bad possibilities as well like cervical cancer and

    std's that stunt the menstral cycle but idk

    you'll have to consult ur physician

    _i hope everything works out for you,.

    Source(s): mom's a docter
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    Maybe ur over reacting and tricking your body into thinking that you are pregnant.

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    You are probably NOT pregnant. Your body may be just going through something. I would not worry about it one little bit.

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    It's possible there's something else wrong. You should speak to a doctor, if you can't wait for your gyno appmnt.

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    Most likely it's as simple as lack of hormones. Look up "missed period" on Your doctor will more than likely give suppliments when you see him.

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    So what's the result?

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