What would happen to the body if there was a lack of Protein, Vitamins ABC & D, Iron, Calcium and Potassium?

What would happen to the body if there was a lack of Protein, Vitamins ABC & D, Iron, Calcium and Potassium?

Can you please explain each and everyone.


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    This is a hellova question but here goes. Since your body needs protein for repair, it would simply begin to break down protein from other parts of your body. litterally eating itself.

    Too little vit. A = poor night vision and decreased resistance to infections.

    There are too many B vits to explain but most have to do with digestion.

    too little vitamin C= scurvey, slow healing, dry scaly skin and decreased resistance to infection. also genetic damage to sperm cells.

    Vit D=rickets which is deformation of bone tissue. insomnia,nerviousness and muscle twitches.

    Iron= too little cause anemia, fatigue, unable to concentrate pale skin tone,cracks around corners of the mouth, eye inflamation, mouth ulcers, hair loss.and brittle fingernails.

    Calcium= almost the same as vitamin D since they need each other to work properly. but it also effects the nerves.

    Potassium= many symptoms including, fatigue, muscle cramps, weakness, bloating, loss of appetite, drowsyness, numbness and tingling, increased thirst, heart beat irregularities and eventually coma or even death.

    hope this helps.

    Source(s): Book smart nutrition .
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    Protein, muscle atrophy

    Vit ADEK, are fat soluble, stored in liver, needed for skin integrity, blood clotting factors,

    Vit C, needed for immune system

    minerals Fe(iron), Calcium and Potassium needed for muscle function/blood cells to carry oxygen, Potassium for insulin/cell function and heart rhythms.

    Missing all the above, malnutrition and a condition called Kwashiorkor

    like the starving children of planned famines...

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    I wish I could give you the list of all the things that would happen without those. To name a few, malnutrition, death, heart attack, osteoporosis, bone fractures, scurvy, vision problems, fatigue, etc. It's better just to take your vitamins

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    ALOT of things could happen!!!!

    Especially with the Ca++ and K+!

    Too much for me to write about.....I would need at least 50 points

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    malnutrition is what would happen.

    Source(s): RN
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