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Will any digital thermometer work the same as a BBT therm.?

Can I just buy a cheap digital thermometer at Walgreens, or should I order the BBT thermometer form the internet. is there a difference?


I looked at Walgreens, and they did not have them. They had about 1o different varieties of digital thermometers, but none were BBT's. I'll check some other places. Thanks.

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    i just posted an answer on this not five minutes ago. here is the link;_ylt=AjK6Z...

    also the bbt shows to the hundreth (i think that's what its called) like instead of 98.6 it's 98.67 so you can see even the slightest change. but you can get a bbt for about 8 dollars at any drug store

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    The BBT is way more sensitive. You need to get one of them if youre gonna chart well.

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