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why is it that my DSLR photography is way better than my point and shoot?

especially since i've been working with Point and shoot for over 10 years but i just learned how to shoot w/ a Nikon DSLR this August.

these are all point and shoot pix.

these shots are aweful. i WAS 10x better than this. ever since i learned how to use a DSLR (a Nikon D50) I suck. why?


and i don't mean the exposure, there's nothing i coulda done for that cuz if i stood within range of the flash, i woulda cut people off. i mean lining up my shots and the fact i cut some of them off .

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    Any new equipment will have a learning curve. You made a big step going to a DSLR. Remember with the DSLR you are actually looking through the lens with your point and shoot you are not. If I read this right when you step back to a point and shoot now your compostition is off. It could well be you are used to the viewfinder on the DSLR. With all things being the same the DSLR has the ability to always give you a better shot. So maybe you would have thought these were good before you got used to the output from the DSLR now they don't compare

    I look back at shots I was proud of when I was a new photographer and now think "did I teally show that to anyone .. I hope not"

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    The flash was weak in every night time taken picture from this old school point and shoot camera; these shots could've been better made if you stood closer. Digital cameras today tend to have stronger flashes--but even the best model cameras have limits.

    Most serious amateurs, semi-pro and pro photographers buy the DSLR cams that allow a flash attachment or additional flash via remote for use with a stronger flash than those built into their cameras.

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