What are everyone's Thanksgiving Day plans?


My daughters and I are going over to my sister's tomorrow night, so we will be there all of Thanksgiving Day, my parents will come over. We usually watch the parade on TV, have a huge breakfast, and then just hang out all day, and then eat a huge Turkey dinner. And then usually after the kids go to bed we watch a Christmas movie.

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    (1) clean like crazy people;

    (2) make attempts at cooking;

    (3) call mother to find out how to fix inevitable cooking disasters;

    (4) clean like crazy people again (since the kids will have been playing during 2 and 3);

    (5) have family arrive, give up on the cleaning and the food repair, and just go with whatever we've got;

    (6) have the three older kids sing their turkey song (with dance steps and wing-flapping. hilarious).

    (7) eat not-so-great Thanksgiving dinner but enjoy company tremendously;

    (8) play board games for hours in front of the fireplace and be thankful for everything except the fact that we never really learned to cook.

    happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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    Well we are going to my parents house with my hubby and our girls for Thanksgiving lunch.My siblings will be there with their family and kids and all the family.

    Than later on we will go to his parents house with the girls to have dinner with his parents and siblings and family.

    We have a tradition of watching the parade together at my parents house with all the kids than we have a snowball fight if there is snow.

    Have a good Thanksgiving. O one last thing we do every year the day after Thanksgiving the dad's watch the kids and the mom's go shopping and do all the Christmas shopping. But this year I probably won't go since the babies are so little.

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    I, my wife and kids live far away from other relatives. We will not be able to travel to see them, so we are on our own.

    A few years back, we decided to use this day to benefit someone else.

    That year, we prepared a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and we had invited three widows from church to spend this time with us. These ladies would not have had anywhere else to go if we had not invited them. We all had a great time!

    Then, about 2 years ago, a local church began preparing and delivering Thanksgiving meals to the needy, shut-ins, elderly, widows, and anyone else who needed a meal or to know someone cares, so we rose early and went to help with that.

    There is something for everyone to do, and we get to spend this time along with many others who are doing the same. We are reaching out to far more people than we could have alone. Last year we fed about 400 people!

    It is my desire that all of you who have Thanksgiving plans with friends and family will first be thankful for what you have, and secondly, will reach out and include someone who may not otherwise have anywhere to go!

    You will already have more food than you can probably eat, and it won't cause any extra work to invite one or two others (widdows, newcomers to town, an elderly couple, etc.), but it will make your holiday so much more meaningful!

    Try to imagine if you were alone! You can make a difference in someone's life!

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    We are going to my husband's cousin's house for dinner. My husband's family will all be there, and plenty of cousins for the kids to play with. I am really looking forward to it! My In-laws are then taking the kids overnight (woohoo) so hubby and I are going to see a movie. After that we are going to go home and get some rest so we can hit Toys R Us at opening time friday morning.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    We're not going anywhere. I'm just going to stay home with my mom, brother, an step-dad. And we're going to make a big Thanksgiving dinner even though there's only 4 of us!

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    Our Thanksgiving weekend is going to sooo hectic - as usual...

    Noon- Lunch @ husband's grandma's (dad's side)

    2:00- Lunch @ husband's grandma's (mom's side)

    6:00- Dinner @ my aunt's (mom's side)

    5:00am Friday - SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!

    1:00 Saturday - Lunch @ my grandma's (dad's side)

    And I have to COOK something to take to each one! I have to go to the grocery store when I get off work tonight and start cooking as soon as I get home so I can get everything done! Thank goodness I've got nothing to do on Sunday so I can recoop!

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    My children and I are going to sit around all day and watch cartoons and Seasame Street, then for dinner, we are going to have frozen pizza (the only thing they're thankful for), then, we are going to watch the Cardinals game (GO CARDS!!) and I am going to drink some beer and they get a special treat of soda, and we'll have chips and dip and candy!

    All our family is out of town this year, so I want to make it special for the kids.

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    We are probably going to go to church and then we are going to go to my MIl's house, spend some time with them and then go to my families house, spend time with them...we may spend the night so that we can do some early bird shopping (my parents live by the mall and shopping district) we don't live far but that way my sister will watch my kids while we shop :)

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    I get to spend Thanksgiving Day working....yay! Not.

    My son will be spending the day with either his father or his grandmother, depends on how bad his father is PMSing that day I suppose, to see if he can squezze taking care of his son in..

    I get to work my normal 8 hour shift...one of the perks of working in a hospital...sigh...

    Have a GREAT day EVERYONE though :)

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    my kids and i are going to spend the day with my mother and my family. my husband's family is in town so he is going to do thanksgiving with them. and then friday we are all going to the movies and shopping.

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