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Isn't it obnoxious how people are so Lawsuit-happy?

You hear it all time, people trying to sue for ridiculous reasons. Do they really think they're gonna get rich? I was just reading a question where this mother took her son to a doctor because his ear hurt, and doctor couldn't see that there was a BB in his ear, so she wants to sue. The kid didn't incure any damage!

Doesn't this piss you off too?

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    Yes it boils my blood...

    someone tried to sue me a few years back...

    I worked at a coffee shop and i served this lady a coffee, at the table she spilt it on herself. First she tried to sue the company , for medical bills and pain and suffering. She claimed she could not work for 2 weeks because of the pain. When her complaint against the company got thrown out she came after me personally. ... I had to get a lawyer and everything. I was 21, making 6 bucks an hour and this lady wanted a million dollars from me! It never made it to court, but I still had lawyers fees over over 2000 dollars!

    I guess she must of seen that McDonald's case were the woman did win millions and wanted a piece of the action.... even if it meant screwing over a young college kid making minimum wage.

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    Yes, I read that one too. The damaging thing for such cases, sometimes whether they actually win or not, is the effect on medical practices. Do you really want every child with an earache to receive an MRI or CAT scan for every ear infection? Then, what would normally be a $50 doctor visit for antibiotics 99.9% of the time would suddenly become a $1,000 visit. With the millions of doctor visits each year, people need to understand that a small number of those cases will not present themselves in a typical manner such that a standard diagnosis or examination will determine. Lawsuits should be withheld for obvious signs of neglect or malpractice, not for times when you could say "It would have been good if the doctor could have seen this BB behind all the infection and swelling the first time." Good, yes, reasonable? Perhaps not. They should be glad that his hearing hasn't been completely lost and should remind him not to ever play with BB guns where you actually are shooting at one another.

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    Legals costs just drive the cost up of eveything.

    I personally get a kick out of some of the disclaimers I see on products. Yesterday I purchased a scratching post for my cat which came complete with the warning "not a suitable toy for children". It was somewhat sad to think that there was most likely a valid reason whey then had to put this warning on a cat toy.

    I work for a company that at one point used to manufacture printer cartridge refill kits. We have since ceased for various reasons however due to a problem a few years back we had to start putting a disclaimer on our packaging warning customers that "Ink contained in this package will permanently stain fabric and porous surfaces" This was becuase a woman spilled a large quantity on her new carpeting and attempted to sue us for the replacement cost, citing she didn't think printer ink would cause staining. Ignoring the fact that it is, ink.

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    yes it does, that's why I think loser should pay the lawyer fees of the winner (we would set an hourly fee that the court would force the loser to pay say 350 and hour for one lawyer)

    Now all of a sudden people wouldn't be suing over the cost of a half dozen donuts (yes it was a real case) because when they lost they have to pay, but if you have a good case then you would not only collect the judgment but also recuperate some of your lawyer fees.

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    What pisses me off is the awards they get for stupidity. The old woman who spills coffee on her lap and sues because it's hot. DUH!

    She's a millionair now for STUPIDITY.

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    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a friend went to the doctor to have a test done on her mole, the doctors office / lab, lost the mole, so she had to go back in and have another piece/section removed for testing.

    her "scar" (if you can even call it that) went from -- to ---- ...

    she sued and got a couple grand ... RIDICULOUS !!!

    yet another reason medical insurance is sooooo expensive ...

    it't important to remember we allllllllll pay for lawsuits like these in the end !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Way too many people wanting to sue and too many scummy lawyers willing to do it to make a buck

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    Yeah, and I'm going to sue you for asking that question. LOL

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    i just heard that Joe the plumber wants to sue,

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