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Rate these lyrics :)?

1)Rate these lyrics(10= excellent)

2)If you have any correctments to make, then provide them here

3)Any other suggestions?

4)Does this make you feel anything? If so, what?

5)Do you like these lyrics anyway? Would you listen to this song if it was recorded?

6)Anything you would like to say, and, do you understand what this song talks about?


Alternative rock

Don't focus on the flow, because even if I don't play any musical instruments, I do have a certain tune in my mind. So just answer based on the lyrics.


You wake up in the morning

And the where to hide and where to flee

Traveled enough and not in your dreams

Walk out the door and stare outside

In your memory you see another times


When love was everywhere

When people really cared

When wrong wasn't called right

When dark was dark and light was light

And you could dance and you could sing

Oooh you wanna return there

And as you trudge, bumped into Jim

And he remembers, can you see?

And you don't speak, you just nod "hi"

And in your heart you want to cry

This fatal world is not just yours

Oooh, can you remember?


So how was it?




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    1)rating (10)

    2)correcting * no correcting the song flowed amazing. I am a big fan of alternative so I can see what the flow your grasping is. An amazing song*

    3)Suggestions: in your lyrics , although you said that you dont play an insturment, include the number of beats you plan or add something like nanana so you have a place to leave your mark and dont forget the melody of the song

    4)How it makes me feel: The song makes me feel relaxed and as if the song understands me.Its amazing

    5)Would I: I would definetly listen to this song if it was recorded!

    6_Nope I understand the song fully.

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    4 years ago

    Your mechanics are extra special. hear to a pair Immortal technique and artwork on refining your message. you acquire something good popping out. merely dont permit the present, predatory subculture corrupt you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think that it was i really interesting song...<33

    btw can you edit mine and smileyrulz's songs they need A LOT of work and we need more opinions....thx<33

  • 1 decade ago

    6, it needs work, it doesn't make much sense.

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