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What should you eat if you have a kidney infection?

If you're suffering badly from an kidney infection, what should you eat while you heal?

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    I presume you're taking antibiotics, right??

    Just eat what you normally eat. Try to cut down on sugary foods for the time being (sugars in foods can feed the bacteria, especially if you ever have a bladder infection), and drink plenty of clear fluids...water of course is best.

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    If you don't seem to be competent to consume, do not fear approximately it. If you suppose you'll be able to preserve down some thing gentle then opt for it. Take a few tylenol for the suffering. If the suffering/nausea will get too dangerous you'll be able to name your health practitioner for support. Sometimes they may be able to prescribe you some thing to support with the ones signs. Fortunately you will have to consider higher quickly with the remedy. If the nausea will get worse and you do not desire to name the health practitioner, you might get a few dramamine on the drug retailer. It will on the whole knock you out as good! Hang in there. It gets higher quickly. Cranberry juice may be very useful with urinary tract infections. When you are feeling a bit higher check out a few of that. It would possibly not support with the suffering/nausea, however it is going to support with the illness and support restrict the following one.

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    try drinking cranberry juice, something about the acidity ph of it neutralise's the alkali in your kidneys... im not sure about the technical stuff but i do know that it helps

    Source(s): personal experience with multiple kidney infections
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