enquiry about dimmer switch ? help please ?

on my upstairs landing light i want put a dimmer switch (wife wants dim it down for night time for our daughter)..

can i have a dimmer switch upstairs but a normal on off switch downstairs ???????????

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    Yes there are 3 way dimmer switches. They only dim from one location, the other location is just a switch. If the dimmer is all the way down the other switch won't turn it on. They are available at any home center. They are wired just like a normal 3 way switch. I assume you are replacing an existing switch, if that's true it's an easy change.

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    I assume that you are in the uk since you are on UK Answers. If so ignore the references to 3 way switches, these are respondents from the US who think the whole world uses US electrical system/terminology/wiring colours/regulations etc. etc. It's a wonder that no-one has been killed yet by taking their advice on this site!! We call them 2 way switches, as they control a light from two locations, ON or OFF. If you need 3 or more locations we (UK) use intermediate switches.

    To answer your question YES all push type, (NOT ROTARY) dimmer switches are made for two way operation, just replace the existing switch wiring to the same 3 terminal markings, C, L1 and L2 and it will work.

    Source(s): S/e electrician 44 years UK
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    Yes. Get a 3 way dimmer switch.

    A note of caution though; dimmers don't work with compact florescent bulbs.

    Source(s): I did it at my house.
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    There is a 3-way dimmer available at most stores. I have had customers buy them by mistake. Replace the upstairs switch with the dimmer (follow the instructions) its straight forward.

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  • i dont think there is a 3way dimmer switch. if there is i dont think they are common.

    there is this CFL (compact florescent Lamp) light bulb by Philips or GE with an LED light. it basically has 2lights the CLF and the 0.5 watts LED light.

    flip the switch off then on as quickly you'll have the LED lights which is a dim light (good enough for a night light) and when off switch it on, you'll have your regular light.

    you can simulate a dim light with an 8watt warm light CFL

    save time from rewiring too.

    Source(s): I'm a contractor/ Construction Supervisor
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