Stories/experiences with subchorionic bleeding during pregnancy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My second pregnancy. Started bleeding at 6 weeks, and bled lightly throughout the whole pregnancy. I had a couple episodes of heavy bleeding, but they were got under control.

    I advise you listen to your doctor, take it very easy, and lift nothing heavier than a milk jug.

    I had a section at 37 weeks, to a very healthy baby girl.

  • sayres
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    4 years ago

    my youngster hasn't been born but( due 10/thirteen) however i had the subchoronic hematoma( blood clot) that induced me to have a few recognizing. It stopped ultimately, and by the point i went to my subsequent ultrasound it was once long gone. My physician informed me that they probably proper themselves some distance earlier than the youngster is born. The bleeding is the clot breaking apart and falling aside. Its at the external of the uterus, and that is y u bleed.

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