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My webcam doesnt work on my pc!?

Ok well,

I have a built in webcam on my Pavillion dv5 and its not working, it works for certain thing like skype but it doesnt work with msn..

Can anybody help?


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    You can just use it for one program at a time. If you choose to use your built in webcam using skype, then it will only works for skype.

    Btw, if you wanted to use it with msn, you have to close the skype program before you run the msn im. If it doesn't works too, you have to go the the msn im settings and look out for webcam settings (remember, your skype has to be shut down).

    The other option is to look out the webcam settings in your Pavillion dv5 program (if you have one). If you don't have it, you should probably google the Pavillion dv5 and search for its recommended program that should be install on your computer. Once it has been installed, you should look up for webcam settings in the program and at this point, you can just choose one program/webcam to use at a time.

    ps: preferences=~options=~webcam settings

    Good luck!

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