wield win all my children?

hi ok so i watch all my children all the time but who owns wield win thanks i don't remember thanks soooooooooo much

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    Maria Santos Gray owns Wildwind. Thanks to her dead hubby Edmund Gray who is Demetri's half brother. David is renting it from Maria, they have a past together, he saved her from a plane crash .

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    Wildwind was owned by the Marik family. Edmund Grey and his wife Maria were the last of the family to live there. When Edmund was killed by Jonhathan Lavery Maria went back to California to live with her family. Julia, Maria's sister came to town and lived there with a lot of Pine Valley residents until she was killed at Jessie and Angie's wedding. It was put on the market and David Hayward is now renting it.

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    Wildwind is now owned by David Hayward. It'slocated at 3900 Glenview Road in Pine Valley.

    Former owners were the Marick family. Edmund was killed and left it to his children with Brooke as executrix to his estate.

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