Would a 1957 ford pickup truck with a 223 six cylinder get good gas mileage?

Like in this listing-


I don't think i'm going to buy it but i was still wondering. I've heard of some classic trucks with 6 cylinders getting up to 28 mpg.


This truck-


gets 28 mpg.

This truck-


gets 20 mpg.

Just an example to those who haven't heard of any classics with good mpg.

Update 2:

I'm stuck right now b/w bert and hodgepodge for best answer. Both make a good point. Alot of the classic trucks I see getting good mileage are 1946 and older. WW2 started in 1945 but remember that the 1946 model was being sold in 1945 right before the war. And also like burt said alot of money can be saved in repairs on classic trucks because they are simple to work on.

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    Been there done that!

    I've owned a 60 Ford pu that originally had a 223 6 banger in it. I replaced the 223 once (with a rebuilt). Never saw more than about 15 mpg. Finally swapped it out for a 350 chevy and auto trans. Still getting roughly 15 mpg (really, I've been scared to check, but at least as good as the 6 banger)

    Good Luck

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    1957 Ford Pickup Truck

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    I think with normal driving that truck you would get around 12-16. Now if you tried extreme methods of feul conservation like coasting down hills and accelerating to 55 then coasting to 40 you might get 20 or so. Remember, those trucks are so simple to fix that you would save lots of money on repairs because you could do it yourself, instead of paying a mechanic 50-75 dollars an hour to do it for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You'd be lucky to get 18 highway. The classics that can get decent millage are pre world war 2.

  • 144289
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    1 decade ago

    Standard shift, probably gets around 20 highway, engines were small at that time

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i don't know of any. the problem is the weight. you could make 2 to 3 trucks out of the metal in that one 57 model.

  • Ken H
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    1 decade ago

    those use leaded gasoline. You have to buy an additive or it will burn your valves. Inline 6 are not very good on gas mileage.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    are you kidding me ?

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