What is the base on I dream of jennie where here master is an astronaut?

Family wants to know answer nobody can think of it

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    I work at Patrick Air Force base and they allude to Jeannie and her Master, Tony Nelson, living Cocoa Beach--just north of Patrick and south of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. We do have an airfield at Patrick but I believe that Tony would have been stationed at Cape Canaveral--or, as somebody else said, it was Cape Kennedy at the time I Dream of Jeannie was filmed.

    A bit of trivia for you: In Cocoa Beach there is actually a street named "I Dream of Jeannie Lane."

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  • Garth
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    They make references to the base in Cocoa Beach Florida, which is Patrick Air Force Base.

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    It started out as Cape Canaveral, became Cape Kennedy, then back to Cape Canaveral. During the Jeannie era, I believe it was Cape Kennedy.

    If you want the name of the military base, you can go to the NASA website and read the history of NASA.

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