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Men, what's some pros and cons of dating a younger girl?

I'm just curious to know. I'm 22 and my bf is 31. I'm curious from other peoples' point of views of the good and bad things about dating younger women

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    i have some experience here. it mostly depends on the two people involved. however....

    good things: (most times)

    younger women have a free spirit to them

    younger women are in better shape & prettier

    less baggage

    less cynical

    bad things: (some times)

    emotional issues

    can't deal with falling in love

    her family & friends

    its way too difficult to say without knowing the people. for the most part, women mature faster then men so the age difference evens itself out.

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    Still young and lots of energy. You probably look up to him as a mature smart guy and he probably likes that. Age hasn't started to affect your body yet. Willing to experiment more, less jaded by years of dating and hurt.


    Probably a little more immature, Difference in the scenes you like to hang out in. different phase of job and life in general.

    Source(s): 30 year old here...married a girl who was 5 years younger
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    They are ready for learning more about dating, and it gives them an adult relationship. They are not as jaded about men (hopefully!). But they may be immature....

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