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Egypt: What's the Do3a2 you wish from me?

In 3arafat this year?

Yalla... I'm listening


How can I choose a best answer between all these wonderful people? I guess I'll leave it for voting then...

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    For Dead people:

    To bless their souls.

    For us:

    Ask God to forgive us, guide us to the right path and make all of us happy and loving each other.

    For me:

    Just Ask God to help me to return back to him.

    lol, I forget to say Alf mabrouk, we tro7 weterga3lena belsalama ya 7ag, matensash ba2a el batateen ba2a ma3ak :P

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    alf alf mabrook ya 7atm tro7 we trg3 be elslama we rbna ytkbl mnk b2zn allah

    ed3y keda we 2ol rbna yonsor el islam we el moslmin fe kol mkan

    we ed3lna kolna b els7a we el satr

    for me:rbna yhdy wlady we yg3lhom mn 3bad allah el sal7en,we en rabna y2rbny leah aktr,we ywf2ny l ely y7bo we yrdah,hatem bgd ed3ely ana m7taga kol do3a2 argok

    we ed3y l nfsk rbna yhdek lool

  • Hope
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    1 decade ago

    First .... alf alf mabrouk we rabena yatakabel menak Yarab.

    As for the Do3a2, mesh 3ayza aktar mel se7a wel satr (Rabena atena fel donia 7assana we fel akhera hassana we kana 3azab el nar) and if u forgot what each one of us asked then read el Fata7a le kol men talab menak el do3a2.

    Alf mabrouk 7ag makboul ISA.

  • Balsam
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    1 decade ago

    Mabruk ya Hag. Rabena Yataqabal in shaa Allah.

    You are very generous for this offer.

    For our country Egypt, ed3y that Rabena ye7meeha men kol shar, we ye3alli maratebha, we yonsorha ya Rab al 3alameen.

    What I wish you ted3i for me: Al seha, al satr, Rabena ma ye7wegni le 7ad, rahet el bal, success for my children and their safety, al shefa le kol marid, rabena yerda 2anna we yedakhalna el Ganna.

    Thank you very much, we want to hear from you when you come back.

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    Ma Sha Allah! ..Alf Alf Alf Mabrooooooooooooooooooooook!

    Rabena yatakabal menak In Sha Allah!

    Rabena yeghferlak ya Rab w lekol el Muslimin ..Amen! :)

    Tero7 w Terga3 bel Salama be2ezn Allah maghforlak ya Rab! :)

    We Will Miss Your Answers Hatem! :)

    Thanks alot for remembering us wallahi! :)

    Rabena yekremak w yesle7lak balak ya Rab w yebarek fe awaladak w 3eltak kolaha ya Rab! :)

    Please,if you remembered ed3e le Papaya bel shefa,w lekol marda el muslimin ya Rab!

    W Rabena ma yekteb el marad 3ala 7ad ya Rab! :)

    W Ya Rab yenawel kol wa7ed ele fe balo In Sha Allah! :)

    W yesle7 7alna kolena w yehdena lel kheer w ra7et el bal! :)

    Rabena yatakabal menek be2ezn Allah! :)

    Terga3 be Alf Salama isA! :)

  • Alf Mabrouk.

    I wish you a safe trip & Haj Mabrour Inshaallah.

    Please pray for my daughters success in school and for el satr to my family and all our friends here in the Egyptian category.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that's my heart speaking: i prefer to love God greater. i prefer to understand my real purpose what i'm doing right here in this planet i prefer to realize out, even to the enemy i prefer to grow to be a simpler occasion: no i'm no longer holier than all of us else right here yet i prefer to grow to be a simpler servant of Allah Subhanahu Ta Ala I choose i could desire to be rather Muslim on His eyes and not purely on public's view I choose i will additionally preserve HIS different creation I choose i could nicely be greater brave (regardless of the shown fact that i'm somewhat coward) yet consistent with risk purely God is familiar with what interior my heart and purely God can choose me God is familiar with suitable

  • shdtt
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    1 decade ago

    Hi Hatem,

    So you are making Duaa for all of us? Wonderful !

    but remeber you have to fulfill your promise :)

    Well, for me will be to be gathered with the one i love soon and be in Arafat with him next year .. see .. so simple but means the whole world to me ..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mabrouk ya rab tro7 we terg3 bel salama

    ana 3ayzak bas te3elna en rabna yehdena we yekfena shar el mard we yewf2ni fe 7yaty we fe drasty by the way ana esmi bassant ali we mama esmha hanaa lool yala 3ashan ted3ely we t2oly ya bassant ya bent ali we hanaa

    rabna yerg3bk belsalama

    take care


  • First,, inshalla tro7 w trg3 bel salama.

    just 2d3i rabena yeshfi mardana w yesl7 7alna w yshr7 sodorna w yehdena leta3to. Ameen Ya Rab

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