Is there a way to tell when files were last opened?

I lost my usb drive and an honest stranger returned it to me. I want to see what files he looked at. My jump drive has all my school and work files for the past 3 years so there are probably 1,000s of files. I right clicked on many of them and it said they were access yesterday. Does this mean he accessed all of these files within 1 day? I can understand curiosity might drive him to access several dozen but it would take hours to go through all of these files. What exactly does "accessed" mean? Are there any explanations other than that he went through all of my files.

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    1 decade ago
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    It might be possible that he copied your files to his HD, or maybe he previewed them in some kind of program.

    Or maybe he didn't do anything with your files.

    Impossible to tell.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Generally you can't know what someone did to your files by just tracking access dates. It's like trying to tell whether someone read your web page by tracking view counts.

    Here's something if you're interested in the topic:

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    People are strange, nothing unusual.

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