My best friend's dad is dying, how do I help him?

Liver failure. Won't be here that much longer.

I never had to deal with a friend's parent's death. How do I help him? Please, not the "just be there for him and listen" comment because that's already a given. I need advise that has subtance. This guy is pretty much my brother.

What am I supposed to say or talk about? I don't have anything to relate to him with that. My parents are still here.

We are both 26.


Don't mean any offense, but would really appreciate answers from other guys if possible.

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't let him dwell on it. If there's one thing that makes a death even worse, it's idle time to reflect on it a little too much. Go out and do stuff with him. If you need to talk about it, talk about it, but don't let him work himself into any kind of depression.

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    when my father in law past-away my mother in law took that very hard so what I did is to be there ,cook, clean,I listen to her and I never force her to talk about it because some people don't like to talk about too soon and a couple weeks later she trust me with everything and open her heart and she did talk about it and told me she was very happy I was there for her guest and cook for them because she couldn't.just be there for your friend.

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    i agree keep him busy and if he wants to talk about it just do what you can feel it out see what he needs from you when my friends gramps died cancer we just tried to remeber his life instead of his death and this sucks to say but when they are suffering sometimes it's a relief when they actually die but again KEEP HIM BUSY

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    No man will live without seening dead.... Live that passes like a shadow !!!!!!!!!.

    Source(s): Give glory to God for his life .
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