why is "latin" same as spanish?

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    Latin is not the same as Spanish. Latin itself is a language that is no longer in use, except for medical/scientific terminology. Latin spawned the modern romance languages such as French, Italian etc

    You are thinking of the term "Latino" which is used to refer to persons of Hispanic descent [not just Spanish, as Spanish people are from Spain]

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    It is only in a musical sense. With languages "Latin" is the language of ancient Rome and the surrounding territory, called Latium. In a cultural sense, "Latin" countries are generally those where Romance (Latin-derived) languages are spoken (Italy, Spain, Portugal, sometimes France, especially southern France, and so on). From this usage, you get "Latin America" which is the southern part of the Americas where the predominant languages are Spanish and Portuguese.

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    it isn't! Spanish derives from latin just as Italian, French, Portuguese among other romance languages, but it is far from being the same as Spanish

    Source(s): Linguist
  • No.Spanish derives from it, but Latin is considered an ancient language.

    Source(s): Fluent Spanish Speaker
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