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Don Newcombe...someone tell me why!?

Why is this man not in the hall of fame. I know this has been asked before, but my "GOD" some one give me a perfectly good answer other then stats!....first black 20 game winner, first CY Young winner, one of the first black's to make the All-Star game and holder of the one record that no one will ever break....winner of the Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player and the Cy Young Award......why is he not in the HOF? This is wrong.....Veteran's Committe are you reading this? What's wrong with you guys!...I was shocked to find out that he is not in the HOF! Someone out there help me get this guy in !


Lots of good comebacks guys. I like the one about the color, would this be an issue?...maybe not! I will say that, but I do remember this guy (62 yrs old) and he was dominant during his time. His historical contribution to the game (maybe the black game/history) was significant....I am a "big time" Ron Guidry fan, so don't get me started there also!...would not be trivia if he had not created the records!....was the pitcher when Ralph Branca relieved him to give up Bobby Thompson the "Giants win the pennat, the Giants win the pennat" home run!

Update 2:

"Utter Chaos"...why did you ever take that "login" you seem to be in control and have some really great "counters"...right, not a record but his "record" those years won it for him...who will ever be able to say that they won all 3 awards!..only one man!

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    OK, all of the arguments you're making are good trivia questions but are not qualifications for the Hall of Fame.

    Baseball is a stat driven game so naturally the qualifications for baseball's highest honor should be stats and Newcombe was not quite "great" enough.

    He had 149 wins and 90 losses with an ERA of 3.56. His 0-4, 8.59 ERA in the World Series and his alcohol problem (which cut short his career) won't help his case. He had a couple of good seasons (1951 and 1955) and one GREAT season (1956) but that's not enough to put one in the Hall. His stats are similar to Ray Kremer (right, who's he?). Kremer was 143 and 85 with a 3.76 ERA.

    Ron Guidry (who also had 2 good years and 1 great year) is more deserving (170-91, 3.29 ERA) and he won't be getting in either.

    BTW did you know Newcombe was also the first major leaguer to also play in Japan. He went there in 1962, not as a pitcher but as a first baseman.

    edit: When I think of records I think of quantity (like "the record for MOST home runs" or "the record for HIGHEST batting average". Being the "first" to win an award or the "only" one to win three awards are fun trivial facts but I wouldn't consider them "records".

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    Um, yeah. A 149-90 3.56 would barely get him in the Hall of Good. If you're talking about being great for a few years, which is all Newcombe was, then why not put Denny McLain in the HOF? He has better credentials than Newcombe. Are you even aware of Newcombe's stats? He's not remotelly a HOFer.

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    Should be in on the stated individual acheivements. However, his big hit, I think was longevity. He only lasted 11+ seasons. Other than being an excellent pitcher, he wasn't "known" for anything, i.e. control, power pitching, etc. He was a workhorse. He completed 46% of games started, but that wasn't really unusual before the advent of specialists and closers. I do believe his inning eating probably led to his early departure from baseball. His '56 season was truely spectacular and rates with the best. Should get in on vets selection.

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    Most people here are probably too young to remember Don Newcombe. I am 60 and just barely remember the name. I believe he was a great pitcher in the ***** league before the color barrier was broken. While he did have impressive stats I don't think he played long enough in MLB for people to consider him. If they considered stats from ***** leagues and MBL he would be a certain for the HOF but since they just consider MLB stats he won't make it.

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    I don't believe that he has HOF #'s, the only other Dodger from that era that is not in the Hall that reallly deserves to be there is Gil Hodges.

    Newcombe is a good baseball man, and my grandfather, who was a Brooklyn Dodgers' fan, told me that he could really hit.

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    I notice a number of your reasonsings has to do with the colour of his skin. If he were white (if such a people actually existed) would you still contend that he should be in the HOF?

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