Which Snowboard For My Friend?

Hey, there's this girl that I've been talking to for a while now and i've liked her for YEARS and I thought I'd get her something nice that she really wants for xmas... shes hoping to get some boarding gear this year so she can actually get out and board w/ her own stuff... PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! I know NOTHING about the sport! She's about 5ft maybe 5'1 or something, liek 105lbs. very tiny girl. She's an all-mountain rider I guess (she doesn't do tricks) I'm poor and she's rich so I'm just trying to get her a board, no bindings or boots... I'm also hoping to catch some black friday sales if possible lol... $200-$275 is my MAX but i want it to be as nice of a board as I can get her. U gotta see this girl, she's worth it. If i had more money id get her the best of the best. Also I'm looking for a nice elegant graphic like sum zen, peaceful, nice color, leafy type $hit. PLEASE HELP!

Here's a few boards I thought were kinda cool:

Forum Aura

Rossignol Zena

Flow Venus

Morow Lotus

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    I think if you could, u should go witht he Burton feather; its 300 buts its pretty decent,

    dont get her a rossignol board or a morrow,

    a RIDE Rapture is good,

    but your best bet is this http://www.buckmans.com/store/Ride-Solace-Snowboar...

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    Honestly, I would'nt get the board if that's your price range and she's got cash.... She probably already has a board that's nicer than any of those. Maybe get her a sweet set of new bindings or something instead? $275 for a board is a pretty low-end board but $275 for some bindings is pretty high-end. Maybe a new jacket or something? You can find 2L Burton AK gear for women under $300... or whatever brand she's into.

    Boards are just more money than what you're looking to spend to get a good one... something like a Burton Feelgood for example goes between $500 & $700.. And, unfortunately, this is the worst time of year to buy snowboarding gear. At the end of the season you can always find huge sales but they tax you at the start of the season.

    If you're dead set on getting the board, I second the recommendation on the Burton Feather that the other poster made. A little higher in price but nicer than any of the boards you have listed here. You could also look for something from '08 that's on sale now that the '09s are out... Like this Forum is a nice all mountain ride http://www.sierrasnowboard.com/Forum-Superstar-Ins...

    PS- Make sure you know what size board she likes to ride too... I'd guess she's around a 138-144 but it varies from rider to rider so dont just pick any old length.

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    through my experience with boards, fourms are good, rossies are good(i got one now) and forums are alright. id go with the forum or the rossignol, but because shes a girl that 105 the size of the board is according to weight so she will need around a 149 or 151.

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