If you get a refurblished Xbox back from repair, are they clean and do the work properly ?

Mines should be back soon and my serial number has changed therefore I presume it will be a refurblished one but as it says above, will the white colour of it be clean, will it be scratched, funny noises or anything ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Refurbished units should look brand new when sent to the customer.

    On top of that often refurbished units have a lower failure rate than products bought off the shelf.


    Because most products that you buy off the shelf aren't tested by a person, and if they are they it's not a 'full' test.

    Meanwhile, a refurbished unit will get a thorough testing from the repair center to make sure it is working properly. So in theory a refurbished unit SHOULD have a lower failure rate than the same new product you could buy off the shelf.

    I'm not saying that your refurbished 360 won't fail (again), but it is a little less likely.

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    1 decade ago

    Mine works fine after they fixed it from the RROD.... Its been about a year since it got fixed and no problems yet...

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